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CHA ROGA – Rugby & Hockey

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Cha Roga Club, founded on February 6, 1952 and founding member of the Santa Fe Rugby Union in 1955, has among its top sporting achievements the titles of First Division Rugby the years 55, 56, 57, 58, 66 and 72 and the promotion to the First Division in 2007.

In 1952, the practice of Rugby Club Gimnasia y Esgrima de Santa Fe disappears. This led to the founding of two of the oldest rugby clubs in the city. Cha Roga Club and La Salle Jobson.

Since December 1979 (27 years after its foundation) that Cha Roga is installed in the city of SANTO TOME, there are held its activities, both rugby and hockey and institutional activities. The acquisition of the property, more than five hectares, was possible thanks to the personal efforts of those who at that time were members of the first division club immediately beginning the construction of the building facilities for comfort of all its members and visitors that arrived at the institution.

The time threw up new satisfactions for the big gaff family stand in the eighties, including the onset of Children and Youth Rugby practice which undoubtedly became a stronghold of the steady growth of the club, becoming the basis for future higher teams.

Female Hockey development in all its divisions and achievements of up nationwide, allowed the club to increase the prestige forged over decades, making deserved recognition in the environment of the ball.

These great achievements of the institution, is added the incorporation of Rugby Women in their ranks, which since the late nineties and continuously train and participate in various events nationwide. Club Cha Roga is a pioneer nationally in terms of women’s rugby.


Currently, the Club (in constant preparation and construction), consisting of two rugby pitches of 15, one for “the little ones” and a ground, for women’s hockey.

The central barbecue, which is equipped with grills and cooking, has a spacious lounge with sample club sporting achievements, trophies and other awards, where events are held and used to do the “third time”.

The secretariat, bathrooms and changing rooms, the mast, the pool and the famous “little castle” with their games and canteen, make up the other buildings of the Club, who are immersed in a wooded property that make the Club, an ideal place.